Psych: Personality Psychology and Jung Typology Test Essay

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Dear journal, having just taken the Jung Typology Test; I must say, Carl Jung and Isabel Myers are geniuses! They're like wizards, witches or fortunetellers. I know, I know such things don't exist, but it’s so surreal how accurate my measurement turned out! Okay, so I wish the outcome hadn't been exactly how it came out because I struggle with accepting the truth even though I already I know it (sorry I don't know how to better explain myself). Alright, enough yapping and let’s get down to business. Drum roll please! In this awesome personality test, my type turned out to be an ISTP. I scored a 56% as an introvert, 62% sensing, 25% in thinking and 67% in perceiving. I agree with everything it stated. I have no artistic bone in my body confirming the fact that the areas I tend to have more interest are mechanical. One thing that really threw me back was the fact that I tend to "lie dormant" until I find something of very much interest and then throw all my energy into it and succeed. Which is probably the number one reason for which I am not doing so well in school. I am having a lot of difficulty trying to figure out what I want to pursue in school. Consequently, it’s taking a toll in my schooling and causing my grades to drop significantly. Funny, but definitely true where it states I need to be able to "spread out" both mentally and physically to obtain my space. Communication is another thing I have trouble with since I tend to express myself non-verbally. But when in