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Ngon Ping Chan
What is REM? REM is rapid­ eye movement when we sleep.
2: Why we have dreaming? Dream are neural activity, it also allow mind to process information.
3: Name two kind of illegal drugs. LSD and marijuana
4: What is observational learning? It is the act of learning by observing the behavior of other people.
5: What is Decay theory? It states that memories deteriorate simply as a result of the passage of time. Fahameda Hassan
1. Psychologists define ____ as a visual and auditory experiences created by the mind during sleep
2. We normally spend about _____ hours each night dreaming.
3. You are a psychologist studying an elderly person's sleep cycle. Compared with a young person, you would expect to find that this person spends____ time in Stage 3 and 4 sleep.
A)Less B) More C)About the same
4. A ______ is a relationship in which one event depends on another.
5. The information that people think about or are aware of at given moment is held in _________.
Answers: 1. Dreams 2. One to two 3. C) about the same 4. Contingency 5. Short­term memory Luis(I only have a first name)
1) REM sleep is also called_______.
Answer: paradoxical
2) what does CR stand for?
Answer: conditional response
3) ______ are chemicals that retard behavior and thinking by either speeding up or slowing down never impulse. Answer: depressants
4) what is TOT?
Answer: tip of the tongue phenomenon
5) psychologist define ______ as visual and auditory experiences created by the mind during sleep.
Answer: dreams

Katherine Munoz
1. Name 2/3 stimulus that may speed up the nervous system and 2/3 depressants that can slow down the Nervous system.
Answer: stimulants­ 1. Caffeine 2. Nicotine 3. Cocaine
Depressants­ 1. Anything that contains Alcohol and Barbiturates
2. What organ/gland is sensitive to light while sleeping?
Answer: Thyroid
3. Sleep and waking follow a _____1
Or biological clock that repeats about 2______.
Answer: 1. Daily/circadian cycle 2. 24 hour
4. What is an example of a fixed ratio schedule?
Answer: if you work at a factory, you'll be getting paid per dress.
5. What is retrograde amnesia?
Answer:Trauma that interferes with forming a memory. Nasim Ahmed .
1) Name 3 depressants and 3 stimulants drugs?
Ans: Depressants: Alcohol, barbiturates and opium. Stimulants: Caffeine, cocaine and nicotine.
2)What is day dreaming? Does it have any purpose behind it?
Ans: A daydreaming is when a person spontaneously shifts his attention away and start having pleasant thoughts about their life or future while they are awake. Day dreaming doesn't necessarily have any purpose behind it.
3)What s psychoactive drugs?
Ans: Substances that change people,s moods, perception, mental functioning or behavior.
4)What is the capacity of LTM ( long term memory)?
Ans: LTM can store a vast amount of information for many years.
5)Explain the biology of forgetting?
Ans: Decay theory states that memories becomes worse as a result of the passage of time. Jocelyn Romero
What is classical conditioning? is a form of learning in which the individual or animal naturally responds to a stimulus caused by another conditioned stimulus.
What is operant conditioning? is a form of learning in which the individual or animal respond to certain situations due to previous consequences of their behavior.
What are depressants? give one example. Depressants are chemicals that slow down your process of information. An example is alcohol.

What are stimulants? give one example.