PSYCH620 Team C Outline For Final Project 1 Essay

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Outline for Final Paper
Chisha Collins, Jessica Flamont, Terri Jackson, and Yanika Johnson
Valarie Bradley-Holliday
May 25, 2015

I. Introduction
Religious beliefs and self-identity are among varied cultural factors that governments are expected to respect. Thus when setting national laws, governments should take into account diverse cultures to avoid violating the religious beliefs and self-identity of an individual, such as Muslim women. Muslim women have undergone mistreatment and discourses as violations of their human rights to include feminist politics, gender diversity, equality, and inclusion merely because of their desire to practice religious beliefs as citizens of the United States as well as other countries.
Hence, leaders of nations should not evoke a ban against their gender equality, employment, public service, and human rights based on a Muslim woman’s desire to engage as members of a society while wearing a veil or displaying any other symbol of religion. Muslim women alike should have equal opportunities to engage in practices that foster self-identity without it being seen as contemptuous or as a threat. As you see, there is a cry for religious freedom and a need for Muslim women to be heard. Furthermore, the Muslim and Non-Muslim population have quarreled over superiority leaving Muslims as a minority which have led to the separation and challenges for Muslims to face and conquer.
II. Social and Multicultural psychology aspects of the news story
A. Social psychology aspects
1. Define social psychology?
2. What social psychologist tend to focus on?
3. What affects can social psychology have on individuals?
4. How social psychology aspects affects this