Psycho: Alfred Hitchcock and Horror Film Director Essay

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Language of Lit Film. Mods 9-10 September 26, 2014 Psycho Paper Throughout the film Psycho, we learn the themes of different characters and how it affects them. The film is an Alfred Hitchcock movie produced in the mid 1960s. Ever since this movie was made, Hitchcock was mistakenly labeled as a horror film director. It is much layered and complex that multiple viewings are necessary to capture all of its subtlety. In the film, Alfred Hitchcocks nightmarish, disturbing themes of oedipal murder, confused identities, and dark past histories are realistically revealed through repeated uses of motifs such as birds, eyes, hands, and mirrors. In the film, there are many themes which form each scene. One theme in which we learn about the double side of Norman is oedipal murder. First, Norman is a middle aged man who works at a hotel off the freeway that contains little business. For example, when Normans mother met a man, she spent a lot of time with him and Norman contained much anger towards them. He ended up killing his mother and her boyfriend due to jealousy over their relationship. For instance, today in society there are many situations where families have relationships where they dont include their children. Many people today would try to talk to their parents about the situation to change and not jump to the conclusion of murder right away. Secondly, after Norman kills his mother, he himself becomes an active killer. For example, when he meets Marion he really likes her and when they went on a date, Norman would act as both his mother and himself. He carried out a full conversation with his mother explaining that she didnt want Marion in her house and he shouldnt be making her dinner when in reality, Mrs. Bates is dead because Norman killed her. In reality, if you were that old on a date knowing you killed your mother you wouldnt take on a double role of talking and carrying out a conversation with your mother you would simply say she passed. We would go on with the date after that being said. In conclusion, we learn the double role Norman plays and his excruciating role of oedipal murder. While there are false identities and oedipal murder, there is also a theme of dark played histories. First, Norman expresses himself as a nice, outgoing man that is searching for lust but it hasnt been that easy on him. For example, Norman shows himself as a kind hearted person but doesnt explain the history of himself murdering his own mother and her boyfriend over the simple fact of him feeling left out and given no attention. For instance, we live every day differently and continue living it even if we do make mistakes. We are faced with many people each day that choose to stereotype and prejudge individuals. With us lacking knowledge of their dark past histories, we can prejudge them. Secondly, Marion shows herself off as a woman who desperately wants marriage. She gives this emotion off as if nothing is wrong and her life is full of happy moments. For example, when she is approached by the police officer for sleeping on the shoulder of the road, she jumps up and has the understanding that she isnt doing anything wrong when she knows she just stole 40,000.00 and is running off with intentions of not being caught. For instance, when we are faced with a tough situation, we often lie to get off the hook. When expressing ourselves through words and actions, we dont tend to share our dark memories and hold it in to believe everything is okay. Even though expressing our dark memories, may lead us to a brighter or dark future, we tend to hold them in to avoid pre-judging