Psychoanalytic Theory Of Personality

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Third factor is relationship problem which is experienced by the youth during puberty since attraction towards the opposite sex begins to be deeper. This is also the time wherein adolescents starts developing their sexual or reproduction organs. In such susceptible time, it is natural for teenagers to feel awkward in their relationship problems. By late adolescence, peer groups have often been replaced by more intimate dyadic relationships, such as one-on-one friendships and romances, which have grown in importance as the adolescent has matured (Micucci, 1998).In addition, when dating, teenagers may not be comfortable talking about it and may go with less information or misinformation that leads to uneasy or stress of what could be done.
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First, according to her, a person should be present with their emotions which means allowing emotions to freely arise in one’s body and not manipulating it. Second is to meditate- the process of breathing and relaxing to maintain inner peace (Zen, 2012) - which she believes is a transformative practice for healing and accessing self-love.She also added that meditation can help opening the heart chakra – a point of combining personal and charitable aspirations through love for Buddhist (Desy, 2016) – is often clogged when experiencing emotional …show more content…
Moreover, conflicts between unconscious forces throughout childhood determined our behavior on how we approach life and how we resolve conflicts. He believes that the person who has a firm ego has a personality and the imbalance of the three unconscious forces may lead to unhealthy behaviors. Figure 2. Psychoanalytic Theory of Personality
Freud (1924) named the unconscious forces as Id, the most ancient among the three structures and which operates completely unconsciously is concerned with the satisfaction of basic needs and desires; Superego, is associated with social and moral rules which is related to what we call “conscience” develops full understanding on what is right and wrong; Ego, is the rational and sensible part of personality which aims to balance the appeal of the id and superego in a realistic context.