Psychodynamic Approaches Comparison Essay

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Maila Travaini

August 25, 2013

Psychodynamic Approaches Comparison Essay

In the counseling world today understanding psychodynamic approaches is more crucial than ever in the assessment and treatment of any psychological issue. Psychodynamic approaches such as Individual therapy, analytical therapy and psychoanalysis are similar in many ways but also differ based on the individuals own perception and circumstances. I will discuss the similarities as well difference’s and why these forms of therapy are critical in the assessment and treatment of clients.
Individual therapy is what most think of as laying on a couch and talking to a counselor as they doodle pictures and let the client come to their own conclusions. In a way this
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Ego Psychology stresses the individual’s capacity for defense, adaptation, and reality testing.”
My view of human nature allows me to see the positives in all of these forms of therapy as well as appreciate all the different forms as we have come to see that people are individuals and all will react to therapy differently. Some will need extensive therapy that takes years and others will only need weeks to gain their grasp back on reality and where they are in their world. We all fall prey to some kind of feelings of inferiority and as a counselor I will reality with my clients and as counselors the use of tools such as psychodynamic approaches I will be able to help relate and filter what works for my client’s needs so they have the best possible therapeutic outcome. It seems no matter the approach the goal is to give the client back their life and give those tools to maintain this new way of life, “Sometimes there seems to be little common ground between us. Our perceptions of ourselves and of our neighbor’s are so different. ”

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"Individuation, becoming a self, is not only a spiritual problem, it is the problem of all life."
Jung, CW 12.