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Econ 101 Essay
(750-1000 words)

Due: Sunday Nov. 18, 2012 (online submission of all parts except the graph) Monday Nov. 19, 2012 (in-class submission of the graphs, due at the start of the class)
This is an individual project. You have to read at least three articles and analyze them using the tools you learnt in this course. One of the articles that you read should be in French, though your paper will be in English.
The English sources that you can use are: The Economist, The New York Times, Wall Street
Journal, Macleans, National Post and The Globe and Mail. The French media sources are: La Presse, Les Affaires, Actualité, and Le Devoir. The articles should be recent—published no sooner than May 1, 2012 (that is, they should be published in May-Nov. 2012).
You can use PROQUEST, EBSCO and EUREKA to get your sources (library website - Databases). In addition to the three articles that you read from the above sources, you are free to use additional sources such as books, periodicals and other articles from different newspapers.
You should make proper citation through your essay (ex. “Smith 29” which means page 29 of the work by Smith), and should have a bibliography page at the end, listing all of the sources that you have used. Use the MLA method for citation and references. See http://dept.dawsoncollege.qc.ca/stylesheet. If you have taken words directly out of a source you need to use quotation marks.
Basically your job on each article is the following: read the article, write a summary on it, and link your summary with what you have learnt in this course.
You should also use E-Stat. Follow the link http://www.statcan.gc.ca/estat/licence-eng.htm to access E-Stat, and choose a category that is relevant to your articles. You should provide some evidence from the data on E-Stat that relate to the subject of your articles. It is sufficient to use E-Stat for only one of your articles. You can present the relevant data that you find on E-Stat in the text of your essay, in form of a graph, or as a table. Do not forget to cite (Statistics Canada) in the body of your essay as well as in your bibliography.

You need to draw at least one graph for each of your articles (three graphs total). Here are the instructions for the graphs:
All three graphs must be hand-drawn by you.
They will be submitted in hard copy at the beginning of our first class after the online due date.
At least two of the graphs must be very simple illustrations of the economy without any numbers on the axes. They should be similar to the graphs shown in the book or in class. Here are some concepts that you can draw: PPC, demand, supply, market equilibrium, shortage, surplus, AD, AS, LRAS, GDP gaps, unemployment, inflation, equilibrium adjustment mechanism, shocks to the curves. The concept that you choose should be related to the corresponding article. You cannot use the same graph for more than one article.
For one of the graphs you can (if you want, but you do not have to) plot the data that you find on E-Stat, or you can replicate a graph shown in the articles that you read.
The graphs should be properly titled, with the name or number of the corresponding article, and with an explanation next to them saying what the graph shows.
Make sure you have properly labelled your axes, your curves, and any important points on your graph. If you are showing a shift, the graph should clearly indicate which curve is the initial and which one is the final with appropriate labelling and an arrow showing the direction of the shift.
In your text you should make reference to the graphs (ex. “See Figure 1,” “Figure 2 shows…”).

Show originality in your analysis. Try to demonstrate knowledge of the various theories and models