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May 14, 1353
NAME: Ophelia Lannister SEX: Female
BIRTHDATE: October 12, 1333 EDUCATION: University
AGE: 20 years old DECEASED
PROFESSION: Princess in waiting

Contacts with the subject were made on April 12, May 4, and May 10, 1353.


Laertes Lannister, Son of The Lord Chamberlain of Claudius’s court, approached me with his concerns about his sister, Ophelia, initially on April 3, 1353.


Ophelia recently lost her father, the Lord Chamberlain of Claudius’s court on March 29, 1353, he was killed by the Prince of Denmark, who is also her ex-finance, Hamlet. Since her loss, Ophelia had spiraled into a deep and pronounced state of depression. She does not eat or speak with anyone including her brother. Hamlet is supposedly her love interest and when she broke up with him he constantly lashed out in anger and had fits of rage towards her. Tragically, Ophelia took her life on May 10, 1353.


A number of people have been interviewed, including Ophelia (the subject), Polonius (her father), Hamlet, (lover) and Laertes (her brother). Because the subject is now deceased, many confidential points can now be shared in this report. Additionally, Ophelia agreed to take the Keirsey Temperment Test to help identify and analyze her personality.


Ophelia was a beautiful young woman, and is the young daughter of Polonius, the sister of Laertes, and Hamlet's love interest. She was the second child to Polonius. Ophelia grew up close to her dad and was eventually supposed to end up with the Prince of Denmark, and become the Princess of Denmark. As a child growing up, Ophelia had a rough childhood. She did not have many friends therefore she only had her family which was her brother and father. Ophelia’s mother was never in the picture so Ophelia always obey her father and her brother, Laertes because they were all she had. They did not like the fact that she was dating Hamlet because he was a player in their eyes. When her father orders her to quit seeing Hamlet, she complies "I shall obey my Lord" (I.iii.136) and ends things with Hamlet. Unfortunately, at that time Hamlet also loss his father and acts differently towards her. Before she ended things with Hamlet, she was already displaying signs of dependent disorder. After her father died, she would not speak to her anyone about her loss and spent most of her time avoiding contact with others. Earlier than Hamlet had declared his intentions to pursue her, but after he returned from university he has avoided any interactions with her and never told Ophelia why. That’s when she chooses to end the relationship and from there nothing but bad happened. Hamlet ends up killing her father. Laertes first approached me on April 3 to express his concerns about Ophelia’s state of mind.


Ophelia was invited to complete the Keirsey temperament test on April 12, 1353 and she was not as cooperative while responding to the questions. The outcome of the test indicated that Ophelia fell into the “Idealist Teacher” personality type. As the princess in waiting, Ophelia encountered many complex problems she must solve.

During our discussions over the last month, she was doing worst and worst. Day after day passed, she talked less and less. She begins to mentally unravel after the death of her father and by giving herself sexually to Hamlet. She sings almost every day and the songs she sings are in her words, “mindless and meaningful songs”. She sings, "Before you tumbled me, you promised me to wed" (IV, v, 61). She tells me she is singing about how she slept with Hamlet and continues about how the man would reply, "So would I' a done, by yonder sun, An thou hadst not come to my bed” (IV, v, 64) She is referring to how if she had not gone to bed with Hamlet then he would have likely married her.

On April 11th, Hamlet came by and