Essay about Psychological Perspectives M2

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I am going to look at how the humanistic and the biological approaches are used in health and social care practices and how they are applied to service provision, comparing the similarities and differences for each approach.
The biological approach is being used in health care a lot more now we are more aware and knowledgeable on the brain and the nervous system. Scientists can now look at the brain through MRI and PET scans to see the effects of brain damage, disease, and drugs. The Biological approach prescribes drug-based treatments for mental disorders.
Biological therapies are constructed on the belief that mental illnesses are caused by abnormalities in the neural and bodily process, such as
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The humanistic approach would be beneficial alongside the medical treatment because the individual may be feeling very low after all the treatment and the change of life cancer may have had on the person. A humanist could help the person feel themselves and build their self-esteem back up after the shock of having cancer. The last illness I am going to look at is Drug addiction… I’m going consider a person who is addicted to heroin.
Heroin… This is supplied in a powder form and is injected in the veins. When this has been performed the chemicals in the brain changes, making the person who is doing this feel really good. This is because of the increase of certain chemicals. The more the individual uses the drugs the less the body will naturally be able to produce these chemicals such as dopamine; therefore the person will feel extremely low. The individual then has a craving to do the drug again and again so they can feel this good feeling. The person then has an addiction and can only relate feeling good to taking drugs.
The biological approach would use methadone to help a person addicted to heroin to help them get their lives back together. Methadone is a substitute for the heroin, this will block out cravings the person may get and helps with withdrawal symptoms. Taking substitute