Psychology 8 Essay

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Deanna Jenkins
Professor Brenda Frye
Exploring Psychology
Critical Reflection Essay
May 1, 2015

Human Resource Management is my major. Taking this psychology class has been very inspiring to me. Psychology is the growth of human’s body, mind, and soul. Behaviors are expressed that require adjustments through therapy or medications just to function or live daily. Psychology teaches us about others and ourselves. A person can be totally normal and a tragic experience can have them suffer from severe depression to the point they need therapy or some kind of medication to get them on track. Children can already be born with birth defects or mental development that require treatment and therapy from day one. With all kinds are therapies, therapists, and psychologist some things can change in people for the better. Getting further into the class start learning about different types of psychologist’s studies of what they can do and accomplish. Behaviourist psychologist observes behaviors in humans to help correct it so people can live daily life. The humanistic psychologist just study people to evaluate them. Psychoanalysis studies the mind. All three comes together to help find ways in dealing with behaviors, disorders, and dysfunctions to understand what makes people be the way they are. Psychology is very interesting in these perspectives. There are all kinds of mental states in human beings such as ADHD where the hyperactivity is really unknown as if you just gave a person a five pound bag of sugar or an extreme amount of caffeine. Bipolar is difficult with each individual with a person having highs and lows constantly not knowing if they are going or coming. All of these has something to do with the moods and emotions you are feeling that needs control and balance. The last one I really took interest in was schizophrenia. This is a disease that has a combination of a dysfunctional mind. A person can believe they are being