Psychology: Addiction and Lord Jesus Christ Essay

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Abuse + Addiction The Difference in the two!
The assignment has asked us describe in the relationship that exists between abuse and addiction which are two different issues but by reading the book I have learned the total differences between the two; because I always thought that abuse and addiction were the same . It was very surprising to discover that this notion is very common among most people, and clinical studies have seen abuse and addiction as the same and confused the two and a lot of studies. (Doweiko, 2012, p. 10) First, to get a very good definition of what is exactly substance is: “When an individual has to use a compound when there is no legitimate medical need to do so, or when that compound is used in excess of social standards and there is no physical dependency on the chemical(s)” (Schuckit 2012, p. 15). We cannot define addiction because there is no universal accepted definition of the term addiction (Brust, 2004 p. 14) but as a little explanation in regards to substance addiction/dependency- Doweiko discusses how clinicians are moving away from the term addiction and using dependency instead. (Shaffer 2001, p. 15) Therefore a substance addiction/dependency refers to the “Development of a characteristic withdrawal syndrome for the compound(s) being abused.” (Shaffer 2001, p. 15)
Dependencies can be in many different forms not just substance dependency. It is very significant to identify that it can be sex, gambling, eating or anything that a person engages in that interferes with their active regular routine in life; or alter the brain system (Clinton) and this considered an addiction or dependency. Substance abuse or dependency has been an issue that has always plagued humankind, lust and the thirst for lust is what caused sin to enter the world. The Bible reminds us that every person is tempted when he or she is drawn away, and enticed by their own lust then when this lust is conceived it gives birth to sin and then brings forth death. (James1:14-16, Amp) If