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What is not true about the influence of nature and nurture on intelligence?
C) An enriched environment never helps increase IQ scores among preschoolers)
Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences does not include which of the following?
D) creativity
Ashley had to leave a note for her mother. She did not have a pen or pencil so she write the note using lipstick. This is an example of overcoming:
B) functional fixedness
Which statement is not true about the information-processing model?
A) all stages depend on short-term memory
At which stage of the information-processing model does short-term memory occur?
A) Stage 2 - perception
Lennie is 30 and learning a second language. Which of the following best describes what will happen?
A) he will never be able to speak the second language without an accent
A judgment made based on information most easily available to us is an example of a(n):
B) availability heuristic
Cookie Monster says "Me cookie". This is an example of
D) telegraphic speech
The degree to which a test actually measure what it's supposed to measure is known as
D) validity
Which of the following is not a true statement about creativity?
D) You have to have superior intelligence to be creative
Which best represents the manipulation of mental representations as used in the information-processing model?
D) thinking
In a bell shaped curve
A) all of these answers

B) half the scores are higher than 100
C) the average IQ for any age groups is 100
D) about 16% of the scores of any age group fall below 84 | | | | |
The capacity to produce an original solution is best know as:
D) creativity
How do individuals with mental retardation differ from those with IQ scores in the normal range?
A) they know fewer facts about the world
B) all of these answers
Correct. (See pages 289-290)

C) they perform some cognitive skills more slowly
D) they do not remember to rehearse material even though they know how to | | | | |
Elan likes to avoid using heuristics to solve problems because they:
A) can't fail to solve a problem
B) are systematic procedures
C) are rules of thumb
D) all of these answers | | | | |
At 5 years of age, Brooke is able to:
A) all of these answers

B) form complex sentences
C) use auxiliary verbs
D) ask who, what, where and why | | | | |
Which of the following about the biological bases for language acquisition if false?
D) language acquisition is primarily through modeling and social interaction, as proven by research that language disorders do not have a biological or genetic componenent
Which is not a function of the Circle of Thought?
A) decide
B) describe
C) elaborate
D) all of these answers

The tendency to reject an hypothesis in the face of strong evidence to the contrary is called:
B) confirmation bias
Zendar has to write a psychology research paper. He decides to use a means-end analysis approach. Which of the following will he most likely not do?
B) use a mental set

The body's response to a lack of food which then motivates the person's behavior to seek food is best explained by which theory of motivation?
B) drive reduction
What is most likely to make someone happy, according to positive psychologists?
B) having close friends
Jody's parents gave her two choices - attend a family event for 3 hours or study for 3 hours. As Jody didn't want to do either she was engaged in which type of conflict?
C) avoidance-avoidance
A 25-year old man most likely has the most of which kind of sex hormone in his body?
D) androgen
Darwin's theory of evolution is most closely associated with which theory of motivation?
A) Instinct
Sam wants to work on Wall Street. He feels he would thrive under the pressure and excitement. His behavior is best explained