Psychology and Behavior Modification Project Essay

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Department of Social Sciences and Human Services

Course: General Psychology T TH: 4:00-5:15 PM
PSY 100, Section 165 Semester: Spring 2012
Credits: 3 Prerequisites: None Corequisites: None
Instructor: Dan DePaulo PhD
Location: N 792
Phone: 212-220-8000 x 5335
Office: N 651X
Office Hours: Monday/Wednesday: 2:00-3:30 PM

Course Description: A survey course covering both past and present developments and research findings in the field of Psychology. Psychology is a multi-faceted discipline that seeks to explain how human behavior is shaped by mental processes. As a field of study, Psychology is in its infancy, having been derived from the well-established disciplines of biology and philosophy in the late 19th century. The topics to be covered in this course are: Experimental Methods, Neuroscience, Development, Learning/Memory, Emotions, Stress/Health, and Social Psychology

|Course Student Learning Outcomes (Students will be able to…) |Measurements (means of assessment for student learning outcomes |
| |listed in first column) |
|1. To appreciate the complexity of human behavior and view it from a variety of |1. Class discussions / quizzes/ examinations/ class papers and |
|theoretical perspectives |projects |
| | |
|2. The view psychology as a methodically rigorous discipline which systematically|2. Class discussion/quizzes/ exams/ journal readings |
|seeks to understand the link between cognition and behavior | |
|3. To apply psychological principles to phenomena occurring in everyday life |3. Class Discussion/ journal readings |
| | |
|4.To increase critical thinking skills and scientific curiosity |4. Class discussions / journal readings/ class papers and projects|
| | |
|5. To appreciate the impact of sociocultural diversity on human behavior |5. Class discussions / class papers and projects/ journal |
| |readings |
| | |

| |General Education Learning Outcomes |Measurements (means of assessment for general education goals |
| | |listed in first column) |
|X |Communication Skills- Students will be able to write, read, listen and | |
| |speak critically and effectively. |Class Discussions/ debate paper |
| |Quantitative Reasoning- Students will be able to use quantitative skills | |
| |and the concepts and methods of mathematics to