Explain How Own Working Practice Can Affect Children And Young People's Development

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CU1520.4-Understand how working practises can impact on the development of children and young people.
1. Explain how own working practise can affect children and young people’s development
As a practitioner it is our duty to observe and maintain the right procedures to ensure that the children are offered an exciting environment which will allow the best possibilities for development. So it can be stated that how we set up our own working practices can affect children and young people’s development. As, role models we need to practice good behavior methods for example, saying 'Please' and 'Thankyou' to the manner of our voice as we use to speak to one another. Children are able to sense any kind of atmosphere even when adults are speaking between each other.
It is important to encourage children to understand the importance of good physical and mental health through their diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle. If we do not promote and encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle, it could result in the children having poorly developed immune system which in turn would cause them to be ill and have days off school which would affect their development.
Promoting good hygiene is very important. In my nursery we encourage hygiene throughout the day. We do this by washing the tweenies’ hands before meal times, we take them to the toilets to do this. As they have been doing this for a while they are used to the routine. They ask for the soap themselves and they know they have to dry their hands with the paper towels. Also when the children have eaten they wipe their hands and face with wet flannels, again as they are used to this idea most of the children ask themselves for the flannels when they have eaten.
2. Explain how institutions, agencies and services can affect children and young peoples development.
Speech and language can help children overcome most of their problems. By helping children gain the ability to use language they can help children gain confidence and self-esteem I have seen this in my setting with children who have had communication and language needs. These children have gained confidence and their language is now at a level that they can interact with other children and not show frustration. This is because they can now express themselves.

The Senco is in an educational setting that gives support to children and families with special need, this person is also responsible for identification of special needs. Other learning support staff work within and outside schools providing a range of services to help children who have certain specific educational needs. This might include people like teaching assistants or advisors to provide support and train staff. Also Youth justice are based on children with behavioural problems these people will work with them and social workers to help them. Social workers help vulnerable children and young people and their families this might include children on the child protection register or disabled children. A Psychologist is a professional who helps support children