Psychology and Clinical Child Psychologist Essay

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I want to go to college to fulfill my dream career. I want to go to Miami University Hamilton for two years then transfer my credits to Miami University. College is the only way to get where you want to get in life. I believe with hard work and dedication you can get far and love what you always want to do. The goals that I set forth for myself to maintain a degree closer to my career is learn more about my career that I will love to do. I also have to complete the courses that are slightly close to my career. I have to stay focus on everything I do. The most important goal that I have to succeed in doing, is talking to other psychologist that can teach and show me what to expect and know when it comes to psychology. I think helping others is an honor to just listen to what teenagers have to say and express their feelings to someone that can actually change their lives. I believe becoming a clinical child psychologist is a uncompleted mission. There are millions of people in the country that are seeking for someone to listen to them. Or someone they can trust and know what to say from right or wrong. Someone that will actually care and always be there. You will never complete something that you think you completed because the person that you attached yourself is better for a couple of weeks. Then something worse will happen. Then you would have another client that is seeking for help. This is the reason why I want to become a clinical child psychologist because the more