Essay on Psychology and Cognitive Development

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Part l: Description

The game/activity that I have made up is called Sticker tag but with a water gun

How this game is played is first you need about minimum 4 of your friends, and then you distinguish who is “it” or better yet the one chasing others. Then the parents help put a special sticker that will, when wet change colors on a part of every child’s body because that is where they need to be targeted to be declared “out”

After that has happened, the kids then disperse and spread out over a preferably large field or open area that has a soft ground for the children’s safety

To declare another child “out” or inactive they need to remember where the sticker is and spray/hit them in the spot that as those are the official rules

Last man/child standing is declared the winner and will receive an incentive if there was one spoken about before the game commenced

Rules are as follows: not allowed to grab any of the opposing players, take sticker off of you at any time during play and any other form of cheating

Have fun!

Part ll: Physical Development

This game is required for those ages 6 and up all the way to the age you can not run and think anymore

This game fits with physical development perfectly because of the fitness portion, as well as motor development.

Fine motor skills: Being able to pinpoint the sticker on the opposing players body, knowing how to work the water gun and using the trigger at appropriate times

Gross motor skills: Running, jumping, walking, hopping

Part lll: Cognitive Development

Cognitive Development implements itself into this game in many ways.

When children, teenagers or adults play this game they will recognize that it is not the normal tag game that only requires running.

This game fits well with Cognitive Development and also enhances their abilities to learn, memorize and process information

For example: memorization is pivotal in this game as children that are playing it need to know where the sticker is at all times so they can be successful in shooting the sticker so they can be successful

Another example can be information processing as they continually think about what to do next to again, be successful

Cognitive Development plays a large part in children’s growth and development as there are many things that tie together for most importantly brain development

Part IV: Socioemotional Development

Socioemotional Development plays also implements itself in this game

This game taps into the emotional side of a human being and also the brain

As children grow they need things/games/experiences to help develop this part of their lives

Some aspects that relate to this game in the Socioemotional Development field are: relationships, emotions, and attachment

Relationships in life can be built and made strong through various bonding activities

Playing games together can strengthen that bond and build hopefully life lasting relationships

Emotions tend to rise in games and different events in life. This game can show high tempers if someone’s sticker is hit with a water gun

After everything has happened, tempers flaring, happiness and other things, after the game the kids will still be friends and attachment will