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How To Avoid A Nervous Breakdown During Exams

We can't be able to prevent it, even if we spend our whole lives for doing that. Exams are almost always going to be followed by stress. There are a lot of reasons for stress. One of the reasons that make the students feel stress and get nervous during examination is the students fear of not being able to catch all important material before the exam and are worried about their result in the exam. To get a good grade in the exam, we must learn ways to avoid a nervous breakdown during exams.

Firstly, all of the students must know that they should not play catch-up when the
Examination is nearby. Most of the students who do not pay attention during lessons or absent from classes, are likely to play catch-up when the exams are nearby. The students who are doing that will feel stress due to not having enough time to go over all the materials that are given by the teacher. The students must attend every class and pay attention during the lesson. When exams approach, the students must give themselves enough time in which to study. First, student must make a list of all the topics that need to be reviewed from the syllabus. Knowing what will be covered by the exam will relieve the students from any unhealthy pressure. Second, students should be able to know the best time to study during the day and have a planned time table. They should know that to occur during their peak