Essay about Psychology and Growth Mindset

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Dear Freshman, Hello my name is a fellow junior at Rowe-Clark. I would first like to say welcome to the home of the Masia Lions. I have heard that you guys have been learning about malleable intelligence, well so are we. As you may know malleable intelligence is the ability to change and grow the brain like a muscle. So, if you believe in malleable intelligence you would have a growth mindset, if not you would have a fixed mindset. A growth mindset is that you believe your brain can grow. A fixed mindset is basically your stuck in between not knowing if your brain can or cannot grow. To succeed you need to believe in a growth mindset to achieve your goals at any point of time. Now I know in my classical lit class I know we will be doing a lot of reading, and lord knows I hate reading. If the passage is not something that really interest me or something that is relating to real life situations, I really would not want to read it. With every story I’m giving in school its mainly boring to me so, I give up n ask a friend about it; which we all know is wrong but hey its life. For me to have a growth mindset, I would try my hardest to have an open mind about any story that is giving to me for now on. Since I have got a real clear understanding about malleable intelligence I believe everybody should have an open mind or try to have one for new things. You should have an open mind about new things because you never know if you might actually like something else rather than…