Psychology And Health Issues Program Review

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Psychology and Health Issues Program Review
October 7, 2012
Instructor: Catherine Doughty

In this final project of the class, we are asked to follow a widespread psychological issue to be chosen from a list of subjects. The overview that was selected was diabetes. An explanation of the health issue overview, education program, and a proposal to improve the program will be explained in the following paragraphs as well as psychology issues, risk factors, and treatments that are associated with this disease.

After researching diabetes, the findings were that African Americans are the ethnic group that is most affected by the disease. 4.9 million African Americans have been diagnosed with diabetes and the numbers
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Another factor is affordability of diabetes medications and care. People are faced with the option everyday of choosing to feed their children, pay a bill, or buy their medicine. As any loving person or caretaker would choose the latter, to buy food and feed their families, neglecting their health in hopes of the sickness will eventually go away. The government really needs to evaluate the situation and find a way to make it possible for diabetics to receive proper care and lessen the fear of their children starving if they buy their medication. Treatment options for diabetics are diet and exercise, medication, and insulin dependency. The beginning treatment of diabetes is diet and exercise which includes a low carbohydrate, high protein, and low fat eating regimen. Eating properly ensures that the body is well fueled and full of energy. Incorporated with exercise, it will allow the body to work as efficient as possible. Medication is based on what type of diabetes a person has. There is non-insulin dependent diabetics and insulin dependent diabetes. Non-insulin diabetics take medicine to promote the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin dependent diabetics need to inject insulin because the pancreas has worn out, unable to produce insulin. Working with the physician and psychologists will allow individuals to manage their diabetes, have the understanding of the benefits of managing their glucose levels,