Psychology and Mother Teresa Essay

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Phase 5 individuals projects
Mother Teresa personality
Odell Jackson
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Abstract I am writing a psychology biography sketch on mother Teresa whom was known for her heroic charity work around the world by helping the poor and healing the sick. This will include personal, professional and accomplishment of her life and a psychological analysis perspective of her. Understanding mother Teresa development and motivation from the day she was born until she died. Mother Teresa personality will be analyzed on her accomplishes throughout her life up until her death. I decide to pick warmth and extroversion because suit her from during consistently research on Ages Bojaxhius and her personality to discover her as nun name by Mother Teresa.

Biography sketch Mother Teresa was born in August 26, 1910 in Skopje her originally name Anges Gonxha Bojaxhiu her parents name Nikola and Drana Bojaxhiu her parents are the decent of Albanian. Mother Teresa was raises in a devoted catholic home. Her father own construction Contract Company and trades in medicines. Her mother was devoted into the church and voices for Albanian independence. In 1919 Anges was only eight years old when her father past away from unknown death after her father die she become closer to her mother Drana who instilled her to have passion for charity. In 1928 Agnes was only eighteen years old when she decide set off to Ireland in became nun for the Loreto sister of Dublin. She took the name Mary Teresa after saint Teresa of Lisieux. May 1931 she move to Darjeeling India in took her first profession vow then assign to teach in Calcutta for Saints Mary high school for girls. She taught geography and history also learn how speak their languages Bengali and Hindi. In May 24, 1937 mother Teresa took her final profession vows towards life for poverty, chastity and obedience allow her to become mother Teresa. In 1944 she became a principle for Saint Mary high school for girls. Mother Teresa had famous quote “give me strength to be ever the light of their lives, so that I may lead them at last into you” she wrote into a prayer. In 1948 mother Teresa had permission to leave teaching to go help the poorest and the sickest people who live in Himalayan foothills. In August she started to wear blue, white sari for the rest of her life and took basic medical training so that she can heal the unwanted, the unloved and the uncared. The governments give her rundown building to teach and home for people who are sick or need place to live. In October 1950 mother Teresa won a canonical recognition award for her amazing work. Through 1950-1960 she establishes a colony for orphanages, nursing home, family clinic, mobile health clinic. On February 1965 the pope John Paul IV give mother Teresa a promotion to enlarge internationally. In 1997 Mother Teresa establishes 610 foundations in 123 countries including in seven continents. September 05, 1997 she died in Calcutta India from heart, lungs, and kidneys complications.

Psychological analysis explanation My choices to do a bio sketch on mother Teresa because never knew anything about her and I thought will be interesting analyzes her as a psychological explanation. I decide to analyzes her by behavioral approach because her parents where catholic and mother deeply involves in Catholic Church. Her father was entrepreneurs of his own independence construction contractor. When her father passes away she became closely to her mother that help her to have commitment to be involve in charity. Mother Teresa only 12 years old when she took a field trip with her school help her decides to become heavily involve with religious. She was involved in school plays and choirs as a child even had her solo parts. When she turn eighteen years old mother Teresa became a nun that path her way to become greatest respectful person in the world. Her mother