Psychology and Museums Essay

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Lets consider the role of museums nowadays. Museum it is the place where we learn about the past, about the art and about people who lived in the past. In my view, the role of museums nowadays is the same what it always was always - to give us information about the past. It is often said that museums have become less popular, because everybody has internet at home and that means that we can easily find the information that we need without leaving our place. Moreover to get the information from the internet we do not need to pay for it than but, for example, in museums we do. We can not ignore this fact, that visiting museums is more expensive than learning something in from the internet, however visiting museums is more interesting,more useful and it is kind of considered as the part of tourism nowadays. Perhaps we should also point out the fact that visiting museums can help our culture to develop developing our culture and we will become more smarter, more attractive and educated. If telling about my person I prefer visiting museums, because I really like to use enjoy this kind of way to of learning about culture,history and art. Moreover, there is a greater possibility to meet smart and very interesting people and, in my opinion, viev visiting museums is more usefull than sitting at home in front of the computer and stare into the monitor. I think, if you have a lot of free time, why not to spend it on visiting go into museums? To…