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In the article Digital Devices Deprive Brain of Needed Downtime Matt Richtel makes a clear point of what technology is doing with our minds. The author uses a lot of facts and interview to show that technology isn’t always the best things for our brain. The author uses specific interviews with scientists, researchers, & professors to share facts and research with us the readers about devices and our brain. In my opinion I somewhat agree with the author is saying in this article. For the part that I agree on is yes the generation now is very tech savvy and I can see how that keeps us from learning new things and keeping up our memory. Every kid now a day gets a cellphone at the age of 12 or earlier. Technology keeps advancing and the use for hard cover books, cd players, & board games are becoming less useful. I do see how we being on our phones and computers can keep us from learning new things and giving our brain a rest for a while. Staring at a screen for a long time can keep you from missing the important things in life or even just learning something new each day. But I do think that technology is also a very positive thing. Just think where we would be without computers, phones, or other things like that. Technology has helped us so much from the medical field, entertainment, science, teaching, and just plain having fun. There are so many new advances being made and some so great that are still to come. In plenty of ways we should be thankful for some devices