Psychology and Personal Reflection Soft Essay

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Personal Reflection
Estalita Mitchell
March 21, 2013
Css101 phycology of motivation
Beverly Fierro

Personal Reflection

Soft skills are “ collection of personal, positive attributes and competencies that enhance your relationships, job performance and value to the market”(Smith, 2011).
Soft skill was the most helpful thing that I have learned so far. They are something that I have started to apply in my daily life. At work I am communicating better, when I go places these skills help me go outside the box and not be so scared or shy. I plan to use that information later in my educational life by making sure that I attend classes every week. That means for me to better my time management skills. For my professional life I will stop rushing to do my job just to say I did it or because we are behind. If my name is on it I want it to be quality product. As for my personal life I would like to take the time to really spend with my family, don’t just give them half of my attention while I do homework or think about what work tomorrow has to be done.
How fast the module went was a big surprise for me. I haven’t been in school for quite sometime now so getting back into the swing of things and making sure that I manage my time.
A personal goal that I set to help me be a successful student would be to manage my time, at the beginning of each week I will make myself a schedule out. “All I can offer is that I now continue along my pilgrimage of life with greater