Essay on Psychology and Personality

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Personality refers to the personal characteristic that determines the way that individual interacts with the outside world (Quester, Pettigrew and Hawkins 2011, p. 314). It is shape by the way people are educated and treated in the society (Thorpe 1893).
Human-beings are constantly modified by the social regulations and peer pressures through the process of learning, such as the social expectation of individuals to obey the law and respect the rights of others; the social ability to get along with people as they grow up (Thorpe 1893). All these elements shape individual’s personality and can be acquired overtimes. A typical example is the personality type of ‘extroversive’. Normal individual have a great desire of getting recognised and treated respect through the process of learning and modelling, such as telling the truth. While for people with ‘introversive’ personality are differently treated by others. Those individual feels inferior and distrust of others and turns his recognition upon himself (Thorpe 1893).
Cantell’s multi-traits theory (Quester 2006) argued the origin of personality is based on the assumption that all individual have internal characteristic that is genetically inherited or acquired in early stage. He identified the 5 category of inherited factors that shapes personality; they were extroversion, instability, agreeableness, openness to experience and conscientiousness.
However, the social learning theory stated human-beings are social figure that depends on stimuli-responding, behavioural learning and informational processing from the outside environment (Davis 2011). The storage, transformation and application of knowledge determine their reaction and behaviours which shapes most part of individual’s personality (McLeod 2007). The psychologist (cited in Thrope 1893) found the new infant experienced temperamental changed over period of month