Psychology and Positive Ways Essay

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What are the characteristics that define reality therapy? Reality therapy focuses on solving problems in the here, and now that may cause the client to not be able to connect to other people, and have unhealthy relationships. As well, as to help the client to make better choices, in order for them to achieve not only their goals in life, to help them connect to people, have healthy relationships, and be a part of society in positive ways. It will also help them to find out why they feel like they do, why they don’t fit into society, why they have freedom, and power within themselves so they can enjoy life to the fullest.
What is the view of human nature in reality therapy? Human nature consist of survival, live, love, belonging, power, freedom, and fun when these needs are not met, one will find ways to have their needs met. Since every person is different, some will find positive ways to have their needs met, and while others will find negative ways to have their needs met. Some people will act on their emotions to have their needs, while others will think things through before acting, to make sure they are doing what needs to be done, and so they will not harm themselves or anyone else.
What are the main tasks of the reality therapist? There are 5 main tasks of reality therapy first (1): emphasize choice, and responsibility for what we do to help our client(s) to establish, and maintain healthy relationships with other people. Second (2) Reject Transference: the therapist remains to be themselves, and does not take on the role of the person. Their client views them as, and teaches the clients how to relate to others in their lives. Third (3) Keep the therapy in the present: some clients may think, they have to reveal the past if they are to be helped. Some of the past may contain information to bring our current problems, but only if the client wants to talk about things from their