Psychology and Recent Occurring Incident Essay

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Running head: the consequences of the criminal mind 1

The Consequences of the Criminal Mind
Arnikos Jacobs Research Paper
General Psychology
Miller-Motte Technical College


What are consequences? Consequences are a result of a recent occurring incident. Results of a consequence can either be good or bad, but in most cases they are not a positive result. The consequences reflect the severity of the actions, that take place and comes with different levels of penalty. For example, reckless driving could result in a car accident. The effects of consequences can stretch from the pursuing individual, to the environment of one’s community. There have been consequences that have the capability to affect an entire country as the terrorist attack did September 11, 2001. Laws are created due to certain actions that resulted in a severe consequence to protect other individual in the environment. An individual can put himself/herself in danger along with the other people it may affect due to careless actions. Some people have a different mentality that they do not need to think twice before they react. The criminal mind is amongst many that have a thought process that has the intent to overlook the consequences of their actions. Most criminals have the mentality that they will not get caught or don’t care if they do. They feel as if they have a full proof plan and have thought out every step thoroughly. Most criminals are repeated offenders and feel they have nothing to lose, even when the consequence can lead to death. There are many factors that play a role in the behavior of the criminal mind. One of the factors that create criminal intent is stress. Stress puts people in a depressed mind state. They become angry at themselves and others. They blame the world for their problems without taking responsibility for their own actions. They have low self-esteem and feel they no longer fit in the normal society. Some criminal are surrounded by negativity and feel that it is all they know. They are not surrounded by enough positivity in their lives and have a rough upbringing.

THE CONSEQUENCES OF THE CRIMINAL MIND 3 Criminals that become repeated offenders build up a record that affects them for the rest of their lives. They spend so much time living that life style they become institutionalized from continuous jail or prison sentencing. They not only lose their freedom, but they lose other privileges such as voting rights. Most jobs will not hire convicted felons and most felons will not put in as much effort to find a jobs after being turned down so many times. As a result, they turn back to the streets and go back to what led them to being incarcerated. It is not too often that criminals take the considered second chance and turn their life around. Depending on the damage they have done to themselves and the…