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Psychology application paper

Name: Ashrel Prosper
Lecturer: Dr.Siddiqui
Topic: Relapse

Relapse can be defined as a return to former unhealthy patterns. To lapse back into a former state or condition especially one involving bad habits. Relapse can be a great challenge in the maintenance stage of the stages of change.The term relapse though commonly used in reference to drug habits is not limited to only drug use. A Relapse can occur in any instance of change from a bad habit example, losing weight. It can be extremely discouraging for an individual who is trying to change. Relapses may not be wanted but contrary to the popular belief they are very common. Individuals attempting to change generally do not succeed on the first try, rather it is a process of trial and failure.
On the second to last track of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Heist, Ben emotionally explains the sobriety he has often talked about working towards, most notably on the duo’s popular track “Other side”. However In the song “starting over” he admits to regrettably relapsing, and tells of the struggles that came consequently. The lyrics start of by explaining his time of sobriety and his disappointment with relapsing and fear of what others will think.
“Those three-plus years, I was so proud of, then I threw them all away for two Styrofoam cups, the irony, everyone will think that he lied to me." “Made my sobriety so public, there's no privacy, if I don't talk about it then I carry a date a "08/10/08" that