Psychology Career Paper

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Psychologist is the study of behavior and mental process. It helps us understand what is going on just by monitoring their behavior. There is many areas in the field that they carrer can help in other job careers. This major helps analyze people’s personality or can even help you in a situation in your life by offering counseling. Psychology gives you a wide range of inserts. Such as industrial organizations, counseling, and community psychology. Theres many more job offers. It is untamed when it comes to choose just one career.

Psychology’s Perspective and Subfields
Psychology is the “study of behavior and mental process”. (Myers, D. G., & DeWall, C. N. 7) Kathy stated that becoming a psychologist would mean that she has to analyzed emotionally disturbed people. Due to this reason, kathy does not want to become a psychologist. Becoming a psychologist allows education majors to expand their knowledge around other subfields. Also it may expand students and even kathy psychology perspective. For example, other subfields that are included within the psychology field are Industrial-organizational psychologists, counseling psychology, and community psychology. (Myers, D. G., & DeWall, C. N. 12).
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This workplace is connected to psychology because they trend to use psychology’s concepts. Psychology methods are being used in this field. Using this methods and concepts, it helps them be more organiza. It would keep their employees in check, also it helps by choosing and selecting newly workers. Lead workers into what's best for them. They bring the workers confidence up and tells them not to give up. (3,12) Also designing products is a part if this job. By designing products, know what consumers like is the best way to grab attention and sell a certain product. There’s many good reason why kathy would like this job. It involves moving, designing, and what's best for