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People minds
Jasmine Williams
St. Leo University

People Minds
Psychology as a subject has gained interest among the citizens. Today media has also become active in psychology. There are large number of secondary research articles, empirical studies and you tube videos that can educate about the psychology. The two sources taken for comparison are:
Source 1: The power of No
Source 2: 4 ways to reach out when depressed
The first article is more of a general article that can be referred by anyone in day to day life. The article teaches a lot of thing about human attitude. The biggest learning from article is that the words ‘No’ and ‘Negativity’ are not synonymous. The second article is a blog article that is written in a well-articulated manner. The author explained that being depressed should not be taken as being ill. Psychology many people takes depression as some sort of illness and then this become the biggest cause of their worry. The author in this blog post also explains some of the ways by which the effect of depression can be minimized.
The source one talks about the human behavior, the key question asked in the article is about the behavioral attitude associated with saying ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. It also asked the question that how much of ‘No’ should be fine. In this article the author has asked this question to all the readers of the article. The questions are asked in a way that readers can introspect about them. The second article is more of informative in nature. It has not asked many questions from the readers. The key message or the central theme of the second article revolves around the things that should be done when mind is in depressed stage.
The second article has presented facts and personal experiences of a lady ‘Lora Innman’. Lora has consulted many depressed patients and the study has presented that people are not able to express themselves. In fact this is the biggest challenge while dealing with depressed patients. I liked reading this article and I trust the information shared in this article. I was able to