Understanding Types Of Graphic Images And Graphical File

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Understanding types of graphic images and graphical file format
File handling
Converting files is when the individual would convert a file they have into another format they want it to be in, for example converting a BMP file into a JPG file. You would do this because as you are working with graphic, the individual might need to use the file in a different format, and so by converting the file, it would allow you to use the file in different formats.
File sizes the size of the graphic file.
Jpg stands for joint photographic expert group; this is the group who created the file format. This is the mostly used file format because it only takes away a bit of the graphic images quality when the rile size is decreased, however, unlike jpg, GIF format loses a lot of photo quality when the image is saved in that file format.
Jpg is a file format that is commonly used. When you want to save a graphic image as a jpg file, the image would be compressed and so the quality of the image will falter and not be as good as it was because the image file has decreased in size. This is due to the file being lossy compressed as it gives you smaller file size but with low quality to the images.
Bmp (bitmap image file) is a file format which is used to help images restore pixel base images. Pixel base images are images which have too many pixels and so the image is very blurry, the quality is bad, you would save the image as a bmp which will allow the quality of the image to be more clearer.bmp files are large, but there is no loss of quality when you save an image as bmp.
File management is how the individual would look take care of a file that is on the computer. You can manage your files by doing things such as naming the files, folder structure, moving files, deleting files, and compressing files.
Naming files is when the individual gives relevant names to the files they are saving onto their computer so that it is easier to find when they want to access the file. When naming the files, you should come up with relevant names which relates to what the file is about so that it is easier to find. For example, you have an image of divergent poster, you could name that file divergent as it relates to what is in the file, and so it is easier to find when you want to access the file.
Another way to manage your files would be to structure you our folders. This is when structure the folders the way you want it to be so that it is easier to find the files and you will have easier access to them. for example, if you want the poster folder to be at the top, you would name the folder ‘Aposter’ this will automatically place the folder at the top of the list.
Deleting files will allow the user to keep it organised so that you only have files that you actually need and not ones that will be no use to you, this will just make the files more disorganised and harder to find if there is too many files.
Compression techniques allow the user to decrease the usage of disk space on the PC by reducing the size of the