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1. Pick three defense mechanisms and write your own personal example of them.

a) Repression - my mother's death is like unwanted feeling and memory from my mind. I try to block my thoughts, feelings from the loss of her.
b) Displacement - usually if I get angry at somebody or something goes unsuccessfully, I can't express my anger to them and keep inside me. So, I instead start to argue with my husband and express my anger to him.
c) Rationalization - sometimes I blame a poor exam score on a teacher rather than my lack of preparation.

2. Looking at ecological systems theory, describe your personal macrosystem, ecosystem, macrosystem influences.
Microsystem - the settings which influenced my child's life are my family, school, neighborhood and my peers. These settings helped me to encounter the most social interaction and shaped my development through a direct contact.
My family members (mother, father, brother) were the most significant in my child's life. I was very attached to my mother. She was my best friend always loving, teaching, communicating. Her attention was very important to me. She was a busy person. So, I always has valued time spent with her. My brother was seven years older than me. He took care of me when he was an adolescent, but different age different interests led us to an opposite directions. My father always protected me. My family's leader was my mother.
My school was the most encouraging place where relationships, knowledge, activities…