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International Film Critique

Use the following format for your international film review; answers must be typed below the questions and all questions must appear in full on your final copy. You can use this document as your template. Pay careful attention to the required number of words for those questions that have them. Failure to follow the instructions here and on your syllabus will result in a substantially low grade. Minimal answers poorly written are a D grade or less. Elaboration of points, excellent arguments, and good writing garner higher grades.


Name __Gabriella Stratford__________________________
Class time period _____T R 5:30-6:55 p.m._________

1 Title of Film: Mujhse Dosti Karoge!
2 Year of release:______2002____________________
3 Language of original film: Hindi
4 Director: Kunal Kohli
5 Actors: Hrithik Roshan, Rani Mukerji, Kareena Kapoor

1 Give a brief plot summary (should be 150-250 words and not be plagerized from the web): Raj, Pooja, and Tina have been inseparable since childhood. They played together, told stories together, and sang together. His whole life, Raj has always been attracted to beautiful Tina, the spontaneous and wild one. Pooja was always part of their activities, but somehow also always apart. Pooja loved Raj very much. It shattered her world when Raj and his family moved to London. Raj did not want to lose Tina, so he gave her his address so they could write each other. Unfortunately, Tina did not want to waste her precious time writing to Raj, so she gave that task to Pooja. Posing as Tina, Pooja’s love grew stronger and stronger. Raj ended up falling in love with this girl who he thought was Tina. When Raj comes back to his hometown, he and Tina fall in love. Infatuated with Tina’s beauty, Raj completely overlooks Pooja, his real love. Although sad with the way things turned out, Pooja still helps Tina be the girl Raj thinks she is. As they spend more time with each other, Raj finally concludes that Tina is not the one who wrote him, not the same person. Raj figures out it was Pooja who wrote him all those years. Raj wants to marry her right away, but Pooja refuses because she doesn’t want to hurt Tina. Her father died and the only other person she has left is Raj. Raj is furious, he tells Pooja the only way he will marry Tina is if Pooja marries his friend Rohan on the same day. The day of the wedding, Tina comes to her senses and realizes that Raj does not love her, but Pooja. She ends the wedding and tells Raj and Pooja to get marries at once.

1 What is your response to the message of the film? Why do you respond this way? Show that you are thinking about your own thinking here and the biases/assumptions about the world you bring to your viewing. Did the film change the way you view the subject? Why, or why not? {at least 250 words}

The message of this film is that true love is never selfish and true friendship requires sacrifices. In the Indian culture, it’s not very common to marry someone who you are already in love with. Your parents choose who will be your companion and you can’t go against your family. Pooja had that opportunity, her parents approved and she was going to marry the love of her life. Falling in love can be so easy, and once you fall, it’s really hard to get back up. Pooja was not willing to hurt Tina, so she gave up her one true love so that she could be happy. I’m sure it ripped Pooja apart to think that Raj was not going to be hers. She cared about her friend so much that she was willing to give that up. Tina was selfish in the beginning, but in the end she broke free from the greed. She realized that having Raj be happy was more important. She truly saw that Pooja was the girl for him and that she shouldn’t be in the way of true love. Tina didn’t want to be in a marriage that would be filled with regret. People of the world can be so selfish. We spend more money on war then on