Essay on Psychology: Medicine and Middle Aged Adult

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I would first start out by giving him a questionnaire that involves medical history, any surgeries or accidents he has been involved in, trouble or health problems he may have had in the past and never told anyone about and family medical history . I would want to know every medicine that he has been on within the last few years that can cause changes in his ability to think, reason, and remember. (

I would like to know about his work and school history and how his grades were and if he was in special programs. An IQ test would help too. I want to see how well his brain is functioning before any medical tests are done. I don't agree that he should have been medically cleared within those 24 hours. I feel he should have been examined and watched a little longer. It can be possible that something else occurred after the accident that made him start acting differently? There is not enough evidence as to why this started.

I wouldn't necessarily do a whole different approach, but it is very common to get addicted to drugs and alcohol when you're an adolescent. Peer pressure and curiosity can trigger you doing these things. I would definitely start a drug test right away. If Jack was 65 or older, I may feel that it can be health problems that are starting to occur for an older man. These inferences may not necessarily be true but that would be my first thought.

The conditions I would wonder if Jack was a teenager would be drug related or possibly an unhealthy diet. As a middle aged adult, I feel that depression and anxiety can be a condition. At that age, financial issues…