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Section I - DSM - V Provisional Diagnosis
Axis Diagnosis:
Justification of Diagnosis:
Section II - Biological Factors
Diathesis Stress Model: Lynn, in my opinion, was highly vulnerable to mental illness. My opinion is based on the following facts. Lynn explained that both her parents have struggled with mental health problems, as well as her grandparents on both sides (maternal and Paternal) she describes as being totally nuts. Lynn also explains that she does not know the extent of her family’s mental problems because “Vietnamese people don’t talk about things like that”. Lynn has been seen by psychiatrists’ as a child and the experience was not a good one.
Current Brain Functioning: Lynn is 42 years of age, she is said to be “out of control, irresponsible, wild and impulsive and needs help”. According to her age, actions and behavior, I believe her frontal lobes have not fully developed and are under-functioning. I have made my decision based on Lynns’ irresponsibleness and the fact that she is always making bad decisions, and not thinking as an adult of her age.
Influence of Substances: Lynn has explained to me that she occasionally uses marijuana and alcohol, she also reports that she has tried cocaine however did not like it. I believe that Lynns’ marijuana use causes Lynn to not think rationally, causing her to do things that are not appropriate for a woman of her age.
Physical Health: Lynn has been diagnosed with type I diabetes and uses insulin. I am concerned that Lynn is not properly taking her insulin as directed, because she is irresponsible and she occasionally uses marijuana and alcohol, which makes me feel that she is being irresponsible with her medication. My concern is that both her physical and mental health will decline further if not addressed properly.

Section III - Socio-Cultural Factors
Social Location: Lynn identifies as a Vietnamese, divorced, lesbian, atheist woman. She is less likely in today’s society to have access to many resources because of her current lesbian status. It’s sad but very true in today’s society that race, and sexual preference still plays a huge role in our lives. I believe that Lynn acts irrationally and out of control because she is not fully accepted for who she is in society.
Experiences of Prejudice & Other Trauma: In her past, Lynn was seen by a psychiatrist who made her feel that the way she is, is not the proper way to be. This makes Lynn feel embarrassed, ashamed, and known to be un-accepted in society. This may be one of the reasons that Lynn has had so many failed relationships.
Section IV - Developmental Factors
Stage of Life and Current Stressors: Lynn is 42 years of age whose behavior is like that of teenager. Lynn is trying transition into a lesbian and be fully accepted for who she is and what her sexual preference is. I do not feel like Lynn is capable of sustaining a healthy stable relationship until she first gets herself together on the right track. I believe that Lynn’s transitioning into a lesbian has a lot to do with her failed marriage and relationships with members of the opposite