Essay Psychology: Mental Disorder and Specific Example .

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1. How are you most like the following :
A. Sociopath
I am
B. Narcissist
C. Schizophrenic
D. Paranoid personality
E. Anxiety disorder
2. Explain the 3 most normal and abnormal aspects of your personality in detail.
1. I
3. Which chapter in our text can you relate to? List 5 things that you learned about psychology from this chapter.
4. Illustrate and label 4 lobes of the brain, the 3 anatomical regions, the 2 cerebral hemispheres, and the connecting tissue that joins these two hemispheres.
5. State the specific function of each brain lobe.
6. Illustrate Marlow’s pyramid of human needs and state where you currently fall on his pyramid as well as where you were 5 years ago.
7. Make a lifeline including your birthday, today’s date, your projected death date and 3 past accomplishments as well as 3 future accomplishments.
8. Make a bucket list of 10 things you feel are absolutely essential to do before you die. Defend each one. I NEED to meet One Direction. They are my absolute favorite band ever. Ive been following their careers since day one when they all tried out for X factor back in 2010. I want to fall in love. The type of love that you give everything you have. Where you would die for this person. I want to be able to experience that type of feelings for someone. I want to be able to go to a foreign country and do charity work. I feel if you’ve been given everything you ever could possibly need or want in life you should do something to give back to people haven’t had the same opportunities. I want to adopt a child with special needs and give them
9. On a single page, write your obituary, including the following info:
Your name
Age at death
Cause of death
Outstanding characteristics
Community involvement
a. State in what way you share characteristics of someone with an
Eating disorder phobia obsessive-compulsive disorder
Sleeping disorder memory disorder sleeping disorder

b. State the 5 most outstanding specific memories you have this intro. Psych class. What made each one so memorable?
c. Contrast how males and females use their brain differently in 3 ways.
d. Compare in what 3 ways lefties show more symmetry than righties.
e. Explain left-sided neglect and draw an example of it. What causes this phenomena?
f. Diagram 3 illusions and explain their main cause.
g. Do naturalistic observation by observing people in a shopping mall. List 5 observation that really surprised you.
h. Apply the salami technique in preparing for a major psych exam.
i. List 5 things that you learned about yourself from taking this course that you never realized.
j. List the following aspects of your sleep patterns:
Long or short sleeper
Abnormal aspects
How long it takes you to fall asleep
How often you wake up at night
k. Make up an original story using the link method, first listing 20 key terms and then underline them in your story. Explain the advantages of this method.
l. Make up your own syllogism, including all 3 parts and then analyze it in terms of both its validity of its conclusion and its logic.
m. Compare a child’s concrete thinking to an adult’s abstract thinking by citing 3 specific examples.
n. Describe Praeder[Willi syndrome including its main cause, what happens if gone untreated, and how parents can help their child with this disorder].
o. Define 4 theories of emotion-common sense, James-Lange, Cannon Bard, and Schahter’s cognitive theory and cite a specific example.
p. Interview a psychology classmate for 10 minutes, name them, and appraise their intelligence, personality, and work ethic. State in what ways they are similar to yours.
q. List 10 specific things that have caused you stress lately and what you can do to help eliminate each stressor.
r. Illustrate 4 parts of the neuron and explain the role of each part.
s. Explain what the absolute refractory period of