Psychology: Mother and Good Role Model Essay

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Psychology Journal Assignment #1 Name: My Name is Asher Lev Source: Book Summary: In the book, Asher lev is a child with an extraordinary gift for painting. His father, Aryeh, is an emissay for the Rebbe, the leader of a Ladover community. When he is younger, uncle, His mother Rivkeh's brother, dies and it destroys her. Asher's mother becomes ill. She stays at home sick for a while after being released from the hospital. At this time, Asher spends much time with his father at his office and becomes entranced by the work his father is doing Russia. While Asher never really had time to spend time with her mom after the incident with his uncle died, he's been trying draw his feelings and he draws horrific paintings for example:naked girls, horror, people dying, gray mist, etc. And before he would draw him and his mom walking along the lake, with her facing the sunset. Also, her parents want him to do good in school and be an engineer, but he wants to be a painter and insist to be, he gets yelled at by his dad. Later on, he gets recruited by a famous artist and he learns from him, eventually sells his own piece of art, and his parents come to support him in the end.

Personal response: My opinion of this book at first was thinking to myself saying this is gonna boring, just gonna be some history stuff that I don't like, but I just kept reading on and I found myself staying late at night reading until I crash. I agree with a lot in the book because I understand that a child needs his parents in order to be sucessful or at least a good role model. I can relate to this because when I was little my parents got divorced but I came out normal, not bad because my mom worked really hard for me to become this way, give me everything that both