Research Paper On Sense Of Control

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Sense of control
- Internal locus of control
- External locus of control
- Having sense of control lessens the negative impacts of stressors - Living in poverty often decreases one’s sense of control and health

-Related to the findings on Type A personality
- Cynical and antagonistic hostility increases risk of heart disease

-Depression is the “common cold” of psychological disorders. In a year, 5.8% of men and 9.5% of women report depression worldwide.
- Depression - Related to lower immune functioning - Increased mortality risk

Symptoms of depression
-Depressed mood
-Reduced interest in almost all activities
-Significant weight gain or loss, without dieting
-Sleep disturbance (insomnia or too much sleep)
-Change in motor activity (too much or too little)
-Fatigue or loss of energy
-Feelings of worthlessness or guilt
-Reduced ability to think or concentrate
-Recurrent thoughts of death

From CMHA website
“Many people who are seriously depressed wait too long to seek treatment or they may not seek treatment at all. The may not realize that they have a treatable illness, or they may be concerned about getting help because of the negative attitudes held by society towards this type of illness.”

Positive emotions and positive psychology
-Positive emotions can have healthful benefits
-Positive psychology examine show positive emotions and personality traits enhance well-being health and resilience

Coping with stress
-Coping: actively trying to manage demands that feel stressful
-Immediate way of coping is to reduce physiological arousal

Other strategies
-Solving the problem -Emotion focused -Problem focused
-Rethinking the problem -Reappraisal -Learning -Social comparison
-Social support -Emotional, informational, tangible -Perception is what matters -Stress buffering hypothesis (may enhance health because the immune system -greater sense of control and optimism)
-Healing through helping -Giving support to others is another way to cope with stress -People gain strength by focusing less on their own problems and helping other people overcome theirs.

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