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General Psychology Paper

For our assignment I chose to briefly elaborate on the topics of Psychological Disorders in chapter 14. I personally chose this topic because it has a great deal of personal meaning to me. I hope that you don’t mind that I am writing this more of a story than a exam, It helps me to better talk about it this way.
I am first going to elaborate on anxiety disorders, I had first noticed that I had an anxiety disorder after I stopped taking my depression medications which was my junior year of high school, I had noticed that the world I was living in seemed clearer to me and that life was nothing but a game. After living with an family member I was always being belittle and was the black sheep if you will. This also made me realize that there are bad things out here and that will eventually happen to everyone no matter if your good or bad. I am always up at least until 2:30 am trying to go to sleep but I cant. Its very hard for me to try and forget bad things that have happened to me. I am always haunted by the memories I don't want to remember and this causes my mind to get the best of me. I am the intellectual one out of everyone I have met, I think about the world ending at least every day and how its going to end and it drives me crazy! I also noticed that I had a anxiety disorder after my car accident that happened in May 2011.
I almost lost my life in that car accident and I believe coming out of that caused me to develop a great deal of anxiety being that when I am in a vehicle I am usually very tense, and I hold on to the door handle and I grasp it when people get too close to the vehicle. I sometimes have daydreams of myself coming to my demise because of a car accident.
The car accident in May of 2011 also caused me to attain a disorder called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also known as PTSD. I usually am always scared to be in a car, I am very tense, and I have flashbacks of the accident. I had already been diagnosed as having post traumatic stress disorder before my accident. I was in a foster home and was child abused for 8 years and kept away from society. When I moved to Minnesota I had gone to a psychiatrist and she had told me about the disorder. I was a very quiet, troubled, confused, unloved child and no one really knew why I