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This is a biography that will integrate some of the theory work, accomplishments, and publishing’s of Sigismund Schlomo Freud an Austrian psychiatrist. He had three major fields of study, neurology, psychotherapy, and well renown for the father of psychoanalysis. He has made great contributions to psychology and findings in psychotherapy. Freud had influenced many of people through his work including his daughter. Some of his work was questioned in the psychosexual field by feminists disagreeing with the way he had portrayed some of his psychoanalytical theories (penis envy). Others have contributed to work out of Freud's legacy, and others developed new theories opposite of his ideas. He had a small group of followers which grew into something much more causing a psychoanalytical movement. May 6th 1856 in Freiberg, Sigmund Freud was born to two Jewish parents Amalia Nathanson and Jacob Freud. Sigmund was born with a caul, a rare condition that the new born comes out with a piece of amniotic membrane covering their head. Amalia thought of it as blessing. She had eight children in total, Sigmund was the first son of three and five sisters. He also had two stepbrothers from his father's first marriage; they were about the same age as his mother. After the birth of his sister Anna and death of his baby brother Julius who didn’t even make it to the age of one the family lived in Leipzig. All the while the family was struggling financially due to his father’s failing business endeavor. They then moved to Vienna in 1860, where the rest of his siblings where born. He would spend the majority of his life in Vienna aside from researching, traveling, and having no other choice to leave during Nazi Germany. Being that he exceled academically and was the favorite child, he had his own room so he would get ample amount of time to study. He graduated high school in 1873 at the age of seventeen with honors. Sigmund spoke German and was proficient in 7 other different languages. The same year Freud considered pursuing law but began majoring in medicine at the University of Vienna. He also served in the military for a year. He ended up in a jail cell on his twenty first birthday due to being absent without leave. While attending the University of Vienna he became addicted to nicotine at the age of twenty four. He thought it was a good test of self-control only using in moderation and enhanced his work performance. After eight years he graduated with his MD in 1881. The reason why it took so long for him to attain his degree because he was drawn to the scientific and laboratory side of medicine rather than the clinical. He also stayed an additional year after graduating working as a demonstrator in physiology lab. He had started his occupation in the medical field working as a resident physician at Allgemeine Krankenhaus, a general hospital in Vienna in 1882. It was apparent he had started using cocaine before writing and publishing the monograph on cocaine in 1884. This wasn’t the first time he wrote or spoke about cocaine, never mind using it. He spoke of the drug as the, solve all fix all. He tried to give it to one of his friends Ernest who was addicted to morphine. Ernest had severe nerve damage caused by an accident while preforming a surgery resulting in an infection after to get him off of morphine that he had become addicted to. This in turn caused cocaine induced psychosis. Another time trying to publish cocaine’s effect as a local anesthetic but in his absence a colleague had suggested the same effects to an eye surgeon to use it as a numbing agent to perform surgery on patients while they are still conscious. His research in cerebral anatomy was the result of the monograph and the publishing of his work on aphasia. After some bad news of multiple overdoses, Freud’s idea of cocaine used for medicinal purposes was sullied. This did not stop