Psychology: Psychology and Traumatic Experience Essay

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The study by Bandura et al (1961)
Developmental psychology is the process of development. It focuses more on children’s development than an adult’s.

Studies behavioural and emotional development.

Tends to investigate changes and how it affects them. They investigate different areas of development.

They’re psychological approach is to talk through the traumatic experience.

They use different types of tests to measure the cognitive development.
In Bandura’s study of aggression that children develop from role models. Behavioural theories emphasize the way we develop from role models, environment and experiences.

In different towns and cultures observing children’s behaviour it shows that they develop the same way. Role models influence children’s behaviour.

A limitation with the developmental approach is that they can’t measure children’s thoughts and behaviour.

Children interpret their own behaviour as play.

Charles Whitman has been a very troubled man. One of his troubles was his father, he has physically abused his family, and therefore Charles has deep hatred for his father. Charles has grown up in an environment where guns and violence were a part of. He was also not doing well in school, got fired by the boys’ scouts, not able to get a job and his marriage has been falling apart. All of these factors affect his behaviour so he starts taking his frustration out on his wife by abusing her. Whitman has been taking a stimulant- amphetamine so he can stay up all night to study. This drug also has a side effect causing psychosis, hallucinations and paranoia. On the day of the