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Danika Viotto
November 11th, 2014
Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology Field Trip

Throughout our field trip, I observed the different anthropological, psychological and

sociological impacts at the mall, yoga studio and muios. I took note that downtown Sault Ste.
Marie has changed over the years­adding more culture, yoga/meditation changes the brain and mind and the different groups and choices that are present at the mall during the lunch hour. When we stopped at Muios, I noticed the pictures that were hanging from the walls of the building. There were photos of different buildings in the city, when they were first built and to give a bit of history to the place itself, being over 100 years old. Walking from Muios to the
Station Mall, I observed that downtown Sault Ste. Marie has changed over the years, but has still kept its old rustic feeling to it. The shops that are lined up down Queen Street are still the same buildings from when they were built and when you walk down Queen Street, it feels as if were walking back in time. Going into the yoga studio, I wasn’t quite sure if I would be able to do it correctly or relax enough to be able to 100% focus. During the hour session, I proved myself wrong and I felt calm and relaxed. I could feel myself adapting to the yoga poses and how it was supposed to help my mind and body. By the end of the session, I could really understand the neuroplasticity term and how your brain is malleable to do anything. I can definitely say now that yoga is for everyone and anyone because we can feel secure and accepted, unlike any other “sport” or
“class” that is available. It definitely is a way of training