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“Drugs and sexual Behavior” “Factors between dissocial behavior and consumption in adolescents”
Grant T. Rabalais
Northwestern State University

The two articles I did research on focused on drugs and behavior and how there is a definite correlation between the two. They discussed how Psychoactive; also known as psychotropic or mind altering drugs change an individual’s behavior by acting on the individuals internal systems including the brain and central nervous system. When an individual consumes a drug they become altered by the drug and this affects them both mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially. Often times a sudden rage of aggression or depression may occur. Different drugs have different effects on the mind and body, including classes that have sedative effects and some that have a stimulation effect. The two articles I chose focused on drugs and behavior, Psychoactive; psychotropic or mind-altering drugs change behavior by acting on the central nervous system, or CNS, which includes the brain and spinal cord. A persons brain can be permanently damaged or pre-maturely altered and leave lasting effects. Theses lasting effects may cause behavioral changes and other changes in the mind and body.
After reading “Drugs and Sexual behavior” I found that when consuming drugs that can have a severe effect on a person and cause many behavioral changes and sexual stimulation changes. There can be many side effects of consuming drugs and in particular many side effects pertaining to sex and intercourse. While consuming drugs an individual may have problems including the inability to ejaculate, painful sex, and reduced sexual interest. Behavior may include forced upon actions, increased or inhibited desires, engaging in unwanted sexual desires or being sexually and verbally abusive. Drugs that cause these reactions such as a plethora of others may act as sedatives or stimulants having most negative but some positive effects.
The article “Moderating role of family and friends’ factors between dissocial behavior and consumption in adolescents” discusses the risk factors involved in drug consumption by adolescents and adults and how it affects them socially and their personal interactions with the outside world. The results of this study show that drug consumption among adolescents and adults may be a direct correlation to the fact that the brain is still developing and the body is not equipped to handle such drastic alterations. Drug consumption has the ability to cause antisocial behavior and other malfunctions in the mind and body. Adolescent users may experience the need and want to use when the feeling of peer pressure or intimidation arises, and faced with a perception that a short-term reward,” high” or