Psychology: Social Psychology and Conformity Essay

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Conformity is defined as the true change of beliefs and or actions in response to subtle pressure from others whereas compliance is described as modification of expressed belief in response to direct request from others and is important to keep perception of free will. Both conformity and compliance are alike in a way that they both are done by free will. On the other hand, when comparing the degree of change for conformity and compliance, conformity can be both internal or external but compliance is only external. Furthermore, a message of conformity is through hint where for compliance, it's by direct request. There are eight factors that contribute to the occurrence of conformity. If something happens in conformity, others are part of social reality where one is excluded from the greatest effect in ambiguous situations and the response to perceived norms also guide interpretation of situations. Conformity requires for acceptance and affiliation and is done by response to unanimous agreements. Furthermore, a low status, moderate self-esteem, and maintaining group cohesion and identity also contribute to the occurrence of conformity. Lastly, conformity is done on free will. There are 4 methods used to induce compliance. For Foot in the door method, agreement to small requests increases probability of complying to larger requests. Cognitive dissonance and self perception are why this works; one needs to maintain consistency. Second, for door in the face, rejection of