Essay on Psychology: Yellowstone National Park and Gas Drilling

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Letters to the Editor
Rayehasen Wilson
Roslyn Higgin
October 19, 2013

Dear Editor,

I am writing you concerning the oil and gas drilling discussion that our community has been having in the Bridger Teton National Forest. As a conservationist I think we should take a look at how these events will affect Bridger Teton. I do not object to using the country's natural resources for human production. I quote Gifford Pinchote "The first principle of conservation is the use of the natural resources now existing on this continent for the benefit of the people who live here now." I think that we could possibly benefit from oil and gas drilling at the national park if we could do that and sustain the forest and wildlife. The national forest is one of the biggest untouched forests we have in North America. There are many companies that are trying to lease acres to drill and I can understand why. There are massive quantities of oil locked up under federal lands in our country and these quantities go untouched while we buy oil from foreign countries. The United States spends billions of dollars each year to import oil from these countries that we are in conflict with most of the time. If they were to drill in the national park it could employ thousands of people and we all know our economy needs the boost. This could not only put people to work but could also allow the US the freedom of not having to import oil from other countries. We will be putting money back into our own pockets. I know the question on the communities mind is how environmentally sound would the drilling for oil and gas be? That is a major concern of my conservation group also. However, we feel that if the companies who plan to drill in the national park implement a plan that will protect the environment while they work, we do not see a problem with drilling. I have read a few of their plans and most of them do not plan to drill all year long as to protect the wildlife they migrate through the forest. I think as a community we should consider this for our future.

Dear Editor I am very concerned preservationists here in Wyoming and I’m worried about the talk of drilling at the Bridger Teton National Park. Bridger Teton is a beautiful untouched piece of earth that many people can still experience without man’s hand on it. The natural characteristics of the forest are preserved and virtually untouched by man and I believe it should stay that way. Bridger Teton offers its visitors an abundance of outdoor activities and this would not be possible if we had oil drills everywhere. Not only will it affect the people but