Psychology I Assignment 1 Invoking human behavior 2 23 2014 Essay

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Innabi, Natalie

Psychology I
Assignment 1 – Invoking human behavior in a public setting

Abstract: This is a research paper on invoking human behavior in a public setting preferably in a mall by 1 person doing something in a peculiar fashion that draws attention to the passerby.

Introduction: Can human behavior be invoked from passerby’s by a single action with no verbal communication, physical interaction, or direct contact? During this study I performed research in a public setting, The Northridge Mall. The importance of this study is to determine how human behavior can be invoked by starring up at the ceiling or sky, making a strange face, and gathering data by how many people stop and try to see what you are seeing; how many people will keep walking but look up; and how many people will stop to ask you “what are you looking at?” My hypothesis will include that out of 100 people I collect data on that 65% will look up while walking by, 8% will stop and look up, 7% will approach me and ask what I am looking at, and 20% will not notice what I am doing.

Method: The method on how this study was conducted is fairly simple. Two people were used to conduct the study. One was used as a stand-still to look up into the sky and/or ceiling while the other person sat close by and took data collection. Data collection was taken during peak hours of the day; 1:30 p.m. The data collection team would arrive together but go in their separate ways, noting the meet-up point. The 1st data collector will walk a slow-steady pace, glance once then twice, and then stop and keep looking up. By the time the 1st data collector as arrived to the meet up point the 2nd data collector has already arrived and is taking notes of the surrounding atmosphere and how the 1st data collector performs his/her actions to encourage human invocation.

Results/Predicted Results: Northridge Mall 2/15/2014 1:30 p.m. Central Promenade – We arrive at the lower level parking garage at 1:00 p.m. and discuss our meeting point which will be on the upper level of the mall at the Central Promenade (Food Court). My assistant will be the 1st data collector who is a 13-year old male. I will be the 2nd data collector. I arrive at Cinnabon which has a seating area and a clear view of the Central Promenade. The mall is noted to be of medium to heavy traffic during this timeframe. The 1st data collector is approaching from the north end of the mall heading south. He looks up once and then twice without making a peculiar face but then abruptly stops and stares up at the ceiling of the mall. Because of his abruption to