Year 11 English Course: Language And The World

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Year 11 English Course: Assessment Overview

2A: Language and Action
2B: Language and the World

This year you will be required to complete the two, 16 week long semesterised units listed above.

Your assessment is based on your class and homework (70%) and your exam (30%). Assignments cover all areas of the syllabus – fiction and non-fiction, non-print media, oral language – but the areas of assessment are weighted as you can see by the table below.

| |2A |2B |
|Response/Investigation |36% |30% |
|Production – Written and/or visual production |24% |30% |
|Oral participation/production |10% |10% |
|School Examination |30% |30% |

At the end of each unit you will be awarded a grade of A,B,C,D, or E, based on your marks in these areas and your performance as measured against the grade-related descriptors.

To ensure that grades are awarded accurately and fairly, it is sometimes necessary to collect students’ files. You are therefore required to keep all of your work, including exam papers, and make your file available for moderation purposes when required. You can see from this outline how important it is to ensure that all work is submitted. In accordance with the School Assessment Policy, failure to submit an assignment will result in a 0 mark for that piece of work.

A common marking scale is used by all teachers of the course. You will be given a copy of this marking scale. Grade cut-offs will not be determined until the end of the unit and may vary from unit to