Successful Peer Groups: Helping Others Meets Primary Developmental Needs

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Objective Analysis
Helping Others
Positive Peer Groups:”Helping Others” Meets Primary Developmental Needs.
Richard Quigley
The title and abstract represent of the article providing information “Successful peer helping or peer group treatment interventions for at-risk youth engage the curative power of some primary child development strategies. Coaching at-risk adolescents to help others has been a primary therapeutic tool in peer helping programs for over 50 years”. The purpose it clears stating a properly introduced. All discussion it is relevant because provide information on all the steps on helping others, such as:” Peer influence is a considerably potent force in the lives of teenagers. Peer bonding meets powerful social needs, in particular with vulnerable youth that find themselves disconnected with family and school (Seita & Brendtro, 2005)”. The ideas it supportive of the cause and in my opinion it is just enough to explain and clarify the purpose of this program. I believed that all the sections were well elaborated and do not need to be condensed. The author’s statements are very clear and the language easy to understand, also the style is cohesive with the subject suggested. The author main assumptions lies of the fact described as modeling behavior from parents - parents should reinforce their children to stay away from isolation which the technology brings. In this piece of writing the author has a very clear and objective discussion through the entire article, also the he often emphasis the importance of leading adolescents to the right direction.
Subjective Analysis I selected this article due the fact is very rich on information on helping others as a human services worker my goal is to help others…