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There’s only one thing you need to help manage your fees.
The facts.
Citibank Account Package: Summary of Common Fees and Features

and Usage

Minimum Deposit Needed to Open Account


Monthly Service Fee
Waived When Requirements Are Met


Pays Interest

Yes for Interest Checking; No for Regular Checking

Citibank ATM Fee


Get cash with no surcharge fee through our network of 34,000 ATMs in the U.S.
Locate one near you at

Non-Citibank ATM Fee

$2.50 or waived Per withdrawal fee for using a Non-Citibank ATM.
Waived if combined average monthly balance requirements are met. (No fee for
Citibank transfers or balance inquires). Other banks may assess a third party
ATM surcharge fee

Deposited Check Returned Unpaid


Per check you deposit that is returned unpaid

Stop Payment Fee


Per item you ask to stop payment on

For Debit Card Purchases and ATM Withdrawals


If you do not have available funds to cover a debit card purchase or ATM transaction, we will decline the transaction at no cost to you.
Fee will not be assessed more than 4 times per day when you do not have enough funds in your account. There are two types of fees:

For Checks, ACH Debits, Service Fees or other transactions Overdraft

Waived if you have $15,000* in combined average monthly balances
(see eligible linked products in Helpful Ways to Avoid or Reduce Fees section below)

* Effective with your statement period that begins on or after January 1, 2015, the monthly service fee will increase to $25 and effective January 1, 2015, the average monthly balance to waive the monthly service fee and
Non-Citibank ATM fee will be decreased to $10,000.

Overdraft Fee (paid despite insufficient funds)
Insufficient Funds Fee
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee
(If you are enrolled in our Checking Plus line of credit or Safety Check linked checking to savings overdraft protection program)

The order in which your deposits and withdrawals are processed $34

An overdraft fee occurs when we pay the item despite insufficient funds
An insufficient funds fee occurs when we do not pay the item


For each day we transfer funds to cover an overdraft in your checking account through your Checking Plus line of credit, linked savings account or money market account
Transfer amount is a minimum of $100 or rounded up to the nearest $100 to cover the overdrawn balance and $10 overdraft protection transfer fee (i.e., if you overdraw your checking account by $52, we will transfer $100. If you overdraw your account by $225, we will transfer $300).

Generally they are processed as follows:
First: Deposits made before the cut-off time are added to your account balance
Second: Transactions received real-time during the day are deducted as they occur if there is a sufficient available balance in the account to pay them. Example: ATM, debit PIN or teller withdrawals including cashed checks; transfers or Citibank Online bill payments initiated by you, debit card purchases at a merchant and most ACH debits* that we receive throughout the day
Third: Fees for services we provide that have not already been debited from your account are deducted from your available balance
Fourth: Checks presented for payment and any ACH debit* not deducted during the day are deducted from your remaining available balance in the order of lowest to highest dollar amount
*ACH (Automated Clearing House) debits are received electronically through a merchant you have instructed to bill your checking account — i.e., for your utility or phone bill.


When your deposits to your checking account become available Cash Deposit with Teller

Generally available immediately on same business day of deposit

Cash Deposit at ATM

Generally available immediately, but no later than next business day after the business day of deposit

Check Deposit with Teller

Generally available immediately on same business day of