Pt1420 Unit 1 Assignment 2

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TMa1 ME620

I chose FM2 and FM8 because they are straightforward maths to me.

The questions are all straightforward and there are no difficulties or complications and this is the mathematics that is good, for me to teach in a school.


1. Assuming he changes speed halfway through his journey, at his destination the mean speed is 75 km/h. 60+90=150 then half that is 75
According to the royal mail website first class stamps are 65p (
500 divided by 65 = 7.6923 so for £5 you can buy seven stamps. You can then round it down.
3.If there are 217 people on the trip and a bus carries 47 you can get them in 5 buses as 217 divided by 47 = 4.617 and two of the buses can each carry two teachers. You can put one teacher on each of the other 5 . You then have to round it up to get the total number of buses needed.
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5.Although, on average, if a coin is tossed 6 times you will get 3 heads and 3 tails, I will say that nut the question does not say it will give equal heads and tails.
6.It is common knowledge that the angles of a triangle add up to 180 and I just know that. It is common knowledge for triangles.
The website Maths is Fun gives a proof that the angles in a triangle equal 180°in this diagram.

If the top line (that touches the top of the triangle) is running parallel to the base of the triangle, you will find that angles A are the same and angles B are the same
And you can easily see that A + C + B does a complete rotation from one side of the straight line to the other, or 180°(

7.If there is 1.5 litres of peat that is half of 3 so you halve the other numbers to get 3.5 litres of loam and 1 litre of sand.
8.This one should be rejected because there are no measurements given
9.Although 6+8=14, in modular arithmetic, 14 is 2 mod 12 so that will be the