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Alexis Comose
Alana Hatley
English 102
11 December 2013
PTA Proposal: Organ Procurement I chose to design a simple flyer for my PTA proposal so that the information about the subject is proposed in the simplest form possible. There is an incredible amount of information out there on organ transplantation and donation, so overwhelming people with it would be very easy. The flyer focuses on the basics on donation and how people are able to help just by completing three simple steps. By focusing on three steps to save a life I provide information that is easier for people to remember than overwhelmingly long paragraphs in a brochure, for example. Distributing this flyer is extremely simple. It may be placed in mailboxes, posted beside bathrooms, scanned to email, or even placed on desks at doctor’s offices. The simplicity of the flyer allows people to be educated on the basics of organ transplantation and donation without much effort. If people are stressed out waiting at a doctor’s office they are not going to want to read a long essay, they are going to want something interesting to look at that has the potential to relate to their lives. Some complications with creating something as simple as a flyer include the flyers being wasted, people ignoring them, or people just throwing them away. The goal of the flyer is to educate people without any complications. The topic presented in the flyer may not seem interesting to everyone, which is alright because organ donation is not everyone’s way to give back to the world, but it should at least help present information that people otherwise would not have gotten in the first place. Just because a website is out there on the internet, it does not mean that a person is going to go looking for it so that they can…